Christmas Special Bundle C (4 Tutorials)

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These 4 PDF tutorials include details, easy step by step instructions with colour photos/pictures and materials list. The patterns will use 2 needles/ threads.

The jewelries are made using Swarovski components, beads, headpin/ eyepin and seed beads, which are easily available. Knowledge of making a simple loop would be useful.

A link to the PDF Files/ Tutorials will be emailed from <[email protected]> titled New Order #AB - XXX  after purchase. The PDF Files will be best viewed using Adobe Reader. Please note that the files will be Zipped. Simply unzipped to extract the tutorials.

If you are interested in how my tutorials are like before purchasing, FREE and SAMPLE Tutorials are available for downloads.

Big Christmas Wreath Charm (XM003)

Time required approximately 2 hr
Number of pages 15
Number of Steps 37
Skill Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

Blue White Christmas Tree Charm (XM005)

Time required approximately 1.5hr
Number of pages 13
Number of Steps 31
Skill Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

Golden SnowFlake Moonstone Earrings (XM022)

Time required approximately 2 hr
Number of pages 13
Number of Steps 33
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Blue White SnowFlake Flower Charm (XM006)

Time required approximately 1 hr
Number of pages 11
Number of Steps 26
Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

This tutorial is for your personally pleasure only. If you are interested in selling the finish products, do get back to me :) Please respect Copyright Laws. Tks!

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Thank you and have a wonderful day.

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