Certificate of the License Agreement
Certificate of the License Agreement

License Agreement

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This is for the Purchase of the License for the Unlimited Production and Sale for each of my Pattern/ Design

The purchase of the License Agreement is required for the Production and Sale of my Pattern/ Design. By purchasing, you agreed to all the Terms and Conditions of the License Agreement.

After purchasing, please send an email to <[email protected]> to indicate the License Agreement of which Pattern/ Design you wish to purchase. A Certificate of the License Agreement will be emailed to you with 24 hours upon receipt of the email. This is to ensure that a verified/ correct email address is given. With the Certificate, you will have access to unlimited Production and Sale of that particular Pattern/Design.


License Agreement Terms and Conditions

This license agreement allows you as a small business owner, to have my permission to make and sell the product in unlimited quantities.

~You are free to sell items at any ecommerce marketplaces, craft fairs, small boutiques etc.

~If possible, the following credit line should be clearly visible in every listing for items made with darlovely patterns and be clearly printed on hang tags attached to the item for sale at in-person venue such as craft fairs and small boutiques.

               ***** This item was handmade using a pattern by darlovely ******

~The license does not covering the teaching of the tutorial/patterns for profits.

~You agree that Copyrights to all patterns, descriptions, photos and designs are retained by the licensor, darlovely.

This license applies to one pattern. You will need to buy a license for every pattern you wish to produce and sell in unlimited quantities.

If you are agreeable and payment made, received and the email sent, I will e-mail a License Agreement Certificate to you for the Pattern.

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